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Water Main Cleaning (Flushing)

Distribution mains (pipes) convey water to homes, businesses, and hydrants in your neighborhood. The water entering distribution mains is of very high quality; however, water quality can deteriorate in areas of distribution mains over time. Water main flushing is the process of cleaning the interior of water distribution mains by sending a rapid flow of water through the mains. Flushing maintains water quality in several ways. For example, flushing removes sediments like iron and manganese. Although iron and manganese do not pose health concerns, they can affect the taste, clarity, and color of water. Additionally, sediments can shield microorganisms from the disinfecting power of chlorine, contributing to the growth of microorganisms within distribution mains. Flushing helps remove stale water and ensures the presence of fresh water with sufficient dissolved oxygen, disinfectant levels, and an acceptable taste and smell. During flushing operations in your neighborhood, some short-term deterioration of water quality, though uncommon, is possible. You should avoid tap water for household uses at this time. If you do use the tap, allow your cold water to run for a few minutes at full velocity before use and avoid using hot water to prevent sediment accumulation in your hot water tank.

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Flushing Schedule for Week Ending May 8, 2020

Flushing Schedule for Week Ending May, 15, 2020

Flushing Schedule for Week Ending May, 22, 2020

Flushing Schedule for Week Ending May 29, 2020

Flushing Schedule for Week Ending June 5, 2020



To protect the health and safety of our employees due to the Coronavirus, the Southington Water Department will be closed to the public starting Monday, March 16, 2020, until further notice. Payments can be left at the SWD in the black drop box by the flagpole or customers can mail a check or pay on-line at All non-essential, in home service work, has also been suspended. 

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