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Voluntary & Mandatory Water Restrictions Guidelines



DATE OF ISSUANCE: June 3, 2021



Effective Monday, June 7, 2021, the Southington Water Department in its continued commitment to supplying quality water to the residents of Southington, is requesting a voluntary water restriction in order to conserve water supply during unusual warm weather conditions and lack of rainfall. The Southington Water Department is requesting that customers limit the amount of outside water use and adhere to an Odd/ Even watering. Odd/ Even watering allows for properties with an even street number to water on even days of the month and the same for properties with odd street numbers to water on odd days of the month. The Odd/ Even watering system also applies to washing cars, watering flowers and any other non-essential outside uses. For more information on how to conserve water please contact the Southington Water Department at 860-628-5593 or visit our website at

Thank you for your cooperation.

Albert Fiorillo, Assistant Superintendent



The Southington Water Department's water system draws almost exclusively on local water resource, whose yield varies from year to year depending on the amount of rainfall received and runoff generated during the winter season. Accordingly, the Department's water system is susceptible to possible water shortages and high demands during dry and critically dry years or in periods of prolonged regional drought when water conditions reduce the available supply to level that cannot support seasonal water demand. Whereas, the voluntary and mandatory water conservation measures and progressive restrictions on water use and method of use set forth herein provide an effective and immediate available means of conserving water that help meet high demands and water shortages which is essential to ensure a reliable and sustainable minimum supply of water for the public health, safety and welfare and to preserve valuable limited reservoir storage, avoid depleting water storage to unacceptable low level and thereby lessen the possibility of experiencing more critical shortages if dry conditions continue or worsen.

The provisions of this regulation shall take effect whenever the Department upon engineering analysis of the Department's water supplies, finds, and determine that a water shortage or high demands exists or is imminent within the Town of Southington and a declaration is made. Such a declaration shall be made by the Department and shall remain in effect for the duration of the critical high demands or water shortages.

Upon the Department's determination that a high demand water shortage exists, customers shall be required to irrigate on alternate days, by a system under which even numbered addresses water only on even days of the month, and odd-numbered addresses water on odd-numbered days of the month. Upon the Department's discretion, if the odd-even irrigations are not effective, the Department reserves the right to implement a mandatory restriction on all outside watering in the worse-case scenario.

Penalties for failure to comply with this regulation are as follows:

 FIRST OFFENSE: Verbal notice of violation and opportunity to correct violation.

 SECOND OFFENSE: A second violation will receive a written notice of violation and an opportunity to correct the violation.

 THIRD OFFENSE: A third violation may result in discontinuation of service, in addition to a tum-on fee. Upon disconnection of water service, a written notice shall be served upon the customer.