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2019 Meeting Minutes

                                                    2019 BOARD MEETING MINUTES

    January 10th        February 7th March 14th
March 26th - Special Mtg     April 11th April 16th - Special Mtg
May 1st - Special Mtg  May 9th June 12th - Special Mtg
 July 11th - Mtg Cancelled August 8th September 12th 
October 10th October 15th - Special Mtg November 14th 
December 12th    

 Agendas and Minutes for 2018 & Prior Years can be found at 



The Department is requesting customers limit the amount of outside water use and adhere to odd/even watering. Odd/even watering allows for properties with an even street number to water on even days of the month and the same for properties with odd street numbers to water on odd days of the month. This also applies to washing cars, watering flowers, and any other non-essential outside uses. For more information, please contact us at 860-628-5593

See Conservation Tips under Important Updates


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