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   For the 2022 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:

 January 13th January 18th - Special  January 20th - Special
January 31st - Special February 10th March 7th - Infrastructure
March 10 March 24th - Infrastructure April 14th - Special
April 21st May 3rd - Special - Cancelled May 12th - Cancelled
May 17th - Special May 19th May 24th
June 9th June 29th - Special July 6th - Infrastructure
July 14th August 11th September 8th
September 15th - Cancelled September 20 - Policy September 21st - Executive
September 21st - Infrastructure October 13th November 10th 
December 8th     




   For the 2021 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:    

January 14th January 21st - Special February 9th - Special
February 11th March 11th March 23rd - Special 
April 1st - Special April 8th April 24th - Special
May 13th June 10th - Special June 12th - Special
July 1st August 3rd - Special August 12th
September 16th September 30th - Special October 14th
November 10th December 9th   


For the 2020 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:

January 9th January 16th - Special  Feb 13th - Mtg Cancelled
Feb 24th - Special Mtg  March 12th April 9th
May 14th June 11th July 9th
August 13th - Mtg Cancelled August 20th - Special September 1st - Special
September 8th - Special  September 10th  October 20th
 November 12th  November 21st - Special   December 3rd - Special
December 10th - Special     


For the 2019 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:

January 10th February 7th  March 14th
March 26th - Special    April 11th 
April 16th - Special
May 1st - Special May 9th June 12th - Special/Public Hearing
July 11th - Meeting Cancelled August 8th September 12th
October 10th October 15th - Special November 14th
 December 12th     

                                 Prior Year Agendas -