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605 West Queen St, Southington, CT 06489
Mon-Fri 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


For the 2023 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:


  January 4th - Special   January 12th  February 9th
 March 9th April 13th May 11th
June 8th July 13th August 10th
September 14th October 12th November 9th
December 14th


   For the 2022 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:

 January 13th January 18th - Special  January 20th - Special
January 31st - Special February 10th March 7th - Infrastructure
March 10 March 24th - Infrastructure April 14th - Special
April 21st May 3rd - Special - Canceled May 12th - Canceled
May 17th - Special May 19th May 24th
June 9th June 29th - Special July 6th - Infrastructure
July 14th August 11th September 8th
September 15th - Canceled September 20th - Policy September 20th - Executive
September 21st - Infrastructure September 29th - Special October 13th - Canceled
October 18 - Special November 10  December 8th 




   For the 2021 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:    

January 14th January 21st - Special February 9th - Special
February 11th March 11th March 23rd - Special 
April 1st - Special April 8th April 24th - Special
May 13th June 10th - Special June 12th - Special
July 1st August 3rd - Special August 12th
September 16th September 30th - Special October 14th
November 10th December 9th   


For the 2020 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:

January 9th January 16th - Special  Feb 13th - Mtg Cancelled
Feb 24th - Special Mtg  March 12th April 9th
May 14th June 11th July 9th
August 13th - Mtg Cancelled August 20th - Special September 1st - Special
September 8th - Special  September 10th  October 20th
 November 12th  November 21st - Special   December 3rd - Special
December 10th - Special     


For the 2019 Board Meeting Agendas, click below:

January 10th February 7th  March 14th
March 26th - Special    April 11th 
April 16th - Special
May 1st - Special May 9th June 12th - Special/Public Hearing
July 11th - Meeting Cancelled August 8th September 12th
October 10th October 15th - Special November 14th
 December 12th     

                                 Prior Year Agendas -